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money is the goal. winning hearts is the purpose behind our goal.

leave your mark

adopt a heart. - our story

Hello! We are a passionate tribe with a BIG heart for our city Fayetteville, NC, with a call to leave God's mark!


51% of Fayetteville, NC has no connection to God...YET! Being the home of Special Operations and Fort Bragg, a city who's average age is 30, we see the need for a welcoming church.  A church for ALL people. We're not just a church in the city, but a church for the city.


Imagine a life-giving community with hearts to serve the city, love on the broken and point the lost home to Jesus...Can you see it? Good! You just imagined #markedchurch. We're seeking and believing God for $160,000 to launch Marked Church and host outreach opportunities by Oct 31st.

Thank you in advance for joining us in leaving a Mark on our City! - Ps Kris, Ashley & Marked Church

every number represents a soul.

every     is a heart adopted

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(add to your pledge amount till you reach your goal.)
Want to donate a different amount?
Easy! Hit the donate button. 

+ Ave cup of coffee = NEARLY $5.00

+ 4cups/month = $20.00/month

+ 1,000 ppl Pledging $5.00/per week helps us meet our goal.

What are we saying? basically, if you + 999

people would skip one gourmet coffee a week or if you're pastor kris "Starbucks" for the next 8months...our goal would be met.


be one of the 1,000 people - a one time gift of $160 or partner with us at $20 a month for the next 8 months. "that's one cup of coffee a week." 

Thank You for Leaving Your Mark
Every amount donated is truly appreciated...remember our heart behind this campaign is winning hearts to Jesus. 
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