culture codes

How We show love. 

1. Love

Is our language. God is love and we will always work hard to demonstrate His love, not our judgment. 


2. People are our Heart

Our heart is for ALL people. No matter their background, color, practices or behaviors. Pointing the lost to Jesus is our mission. You will regularly hear “Welcome Home.”


3. Unselfish 

For God so loved the world He “gave.” We don’t wait to give, we lead with our giving. Our time, our resources, our finances, and our hearts are ways we generously contribute to Marked Church, our community, and all things Jesus.

4. Valuable 

“As unto God” is how we serve. Everyone is valuable and significant. Our leaders are servants and we put our best foot forward in all things  with an excellent spirit to show off a good God.

5. Honor up! Honor Down!

We trust the leadership God has given us! We believe in and treasure the wisdom and experience of our elders. Our elders cherish and respect the young. We are not a young church but a multi-generational church.

6. Passionate 

All we do is heartfelt. We are led by God’s Holy Spirit and are zealous in our walk with Jesus. Our atmosphere  is electric, exciting and welcoming. We are not crazy, we are passionate.

7. Chatterboxes

We proudly share our faith, our story and what God is doing at Marked Church - We Gossip about the Gospel.

8. Citizens 

We don’t go to church - We are the church. We are proud citizens of the Kingdom of God and believe we’re called to represent Christ.

9. For, Not In

We believe we’re a church for the city, not a church in the city. Inviting In only happens after we’ve Reached Out.

10. Speak Up

Justice is the Heart of God. We devote our time and our call to speak up for the voiceless as Proverbs 31:8-9 encourages us to .

11. Unhindered Worship

The reward of our worship is God's presence. We will always Value His presence with unhindered worship and praise to Him alone. 

12. Fun

We enjoy ALL we do for the One who gave His all for us.