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1. We Pray

Prayer is our priority. Our strength is not in our attendance on Sunday but our Prayer Gatherings.


2. Unhindered Worship

The reward of our worship is God. We value God’s presence Always.


3. Hilarious Givers 

We give out of love not pressure. We are excellent managers of all God’s resources.

4. Chatterboxes 

We Gossip about the Gospel. Our Story brings God Glory.

5. Kingdom Citizens

We don’t go to church - We are the church. We are proud citizens of the Kingdom of God

6. Servant Leaders 

Serving one another as unto the Lord is our Joy. We get to serve.

7. Creative

We take pride in uniquely expressing our faith through all things creative.

8. Passionate 

Our atmosphere is Fun, Authentic and Welcoming. We are not crazy, just passionate.

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